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Exports iPhone Messages to PC in TXT, ANTS and MHT File Format



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iPhone SMS Transfer
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Recover Deleted iPhone SMS Easily Onto your iPhone

Have you accidentally deleted your iPhone SMS?

Are you looking to recover deleted iPhone SMS?

Can the messages recovered if they are over written?

Is it possible to undelete the messaged if synchronized with iTunes?

Sometimes we delete the messages from our iPhone either intentionally or accidentally and later on repent on it. There is a desperate need to retrieve those erased messages but in spite of several attempts, we are not able to recover those SMS. When we fail in our endeavor, then we assume that the messages have been deleted permanently and no matter how hard we try, it is virtually impossible to access to the deleted SMS. Actually when you delete the message, it gets transferred to a place where the iPhone is unable to read them. But now with the help of 3rd party utility tool, you can easily recover deleted iPhone SMS.

You should know that the recovery of the deleted SMS is possible only if you have not synchronized your mobile with iTunes. When the iPhone gets synchronized, all the erased messages are over written and once the messages are over written, they can never be recovered. In order to undelete erased iPhone message, you would need to connect your iPhone to the iTunes without getting it synchronized and once you have done this, you would have to backup by choosing the Backup option in the Preference menu. By clicking on the Restore button, your deleted messages gets back to the inbox and you are ready to use them.

System: Windows 98/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista & Windows 7

If the above mentioned procedure does not work, then there is a software available called iPhone Restore Message that retrieves the erased SMS. The software performs certain complicated steps of powerful algorithm and program and relocates the SMS. After that the messages are instantly recovered and are displayed on the computer screen in a tree like pattern. From there onwards, you can restore your deleted messages onto your iPhone easily. The best thing about this utility tool is that it performs Read Only operation and hence there is not the slightest risk involved in getting your iPhone messages corrupted or damaged by any means. When the software is working, you can get the preview of the erased messages and a status bar is displayed which shows the time left for the recovery process. When the messages are recovered, you can even transfer them on your computer so that in the future if your SMS gets deleted, you can get them back through your PC.

System: Windows 98/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista & Windows 7

Let's Have a brief look how Apple Message Transfer Tool works


First install the software


After that quit all apllications running on your system.


Connect your iPhone to PC.


Select SMS and contacts to transfer on PC


Then click on transfer button to start transferring your SMS.

System: Windows 98/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista & Windows 7